• Suncroft Athletics


notes Athletes to leave the track when they have finished racing. No late entries.

Coaches & Parents

One coach per team per age group per club (max) allowed to the warm-up area. NO parents allowed beyond the track side fence line.


Limited parking available on site. Pay as you go parking is available in the Irish Rail station near the track. It is strongly advised that those attending use this parking facility.

Covid 19 Facemasks MUST be worn by all officials and coaches in the event area at all times. Athletes are permitted to remove masks during races, warm-ups and active cool downs.Masks must be work as they enter and leave the track and by the by the athletes as they make

their way to and from these areas. Spectators are asked to wear masks and practice social distancing.

Officials, Coaches and Athletes should all have hand sanitizer for use as needed and

after all races due to Crouch Starts and Blocks Starts.


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Important points to note. Gate entry fee €3 per adult, €5 for a family. There is no parking at the track, Parking has been arranged at Louisa Bridge Train Station at no charge to all competition atten